Mean Domains

about us


who are we ?

we like to call ourselves artists, but basically we are domain name peddlers handy for anyone looking for a crafty site name for their business, startup or for whatever purpose.


why do we do what we do ?

well, its a fact that almost every word, sensible or otherwise, is under domain ownership. in hopes of reselling most of the time. nothing wrong with that.

the trouble is, these names are either not easily available or are available for sale at extra-terrestrial prices. in this scenario, most business owners stamp their desire to own these and settle for some half cooked names.

at mean domains, we want to provide quality name alternatives and want the customers to set the direction of the domain price. the market decides the price, fair and square.


how do you buy from us ?

once you decide to buy a domain, float an offer using the 'make offer' option. 

if you don't get out-priced for next 30 days (i.e. a higher offer is not made), the domain will be sold to you through godaddy/sedo.

we will be in constant communication to see to it that the transition happens smoothly. and it goes without saying that a domain will be sold for highest offer, unless disqualified.


- the first offer has to be at least equal to the base price, but can be higher ofcourse.

- subsequent offers must be higher and in multiples of $ 100.

- offer prices will be updated within 48 hours of receiving them (after validating).

- the 30 day period will be refreshed after every new offer.

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